Why do you keep failing in interviews? (Top 7 Reasons)

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“Unfortunately, based on your latest interview, we have…”

“Unfortunately, you are not selected to continue the hiring process with us as…”

“But looking forward…”

If your mail has been familiar with such responses lately or you are not even receiving any of them, then the reason behind it is not only the massive candidates or higher competition but also some mistakes you are making that the selected candidates are aware of.

It should be noted that a human becomes an asset the day he steps into the organisation, but before that, he has to work on the process of gaining worth to be called an asset and to hit the bull’s eye at the first impression only.

However, even rehearsing the answers in front of a mirror at night is a great effort any aspirant must put in, but there are also a few common mistakes that one must be aware of; otherwise, all your efforts may go in vain.

Out of several mistakes, an aspirant makes, seven of them are listed below, due to which many of us are failing in interviews:

Lack of Effort in Researching the Company

One of the most basic points you can read anywhere is where there is a discussion about cracking an interview. Researching is a crucial part of laying the foundation for a successful interview. 

Until and unless you don’t know about the vision, mission, and objectives of the company, as well as what they are expecting from you.

This sort of information can be expected from:

  • The company’s website
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Social media presence

Not having in-depth details about the same can lead you into trouble, as they can impact:

  • Lack of commitment
  • Lack of enthusiasm

It shows that you are incapable of doing work that needs focus or in-depth analysis.

Not Counting Your Achievements

For many people, this is still a point of debate, but, with the experience shared by my students, the more we showcase our achievements to the interviewer, the more he is going to pay attention to us. 

This is because interviewers are more likely to pay attention to the facts and records rather than the rehearsed answers that most probably every other second candidate is going to repeat.

For example,

– Interviewer: “Why should we hire you?”

Candidate 1: As you can already see, I have taken a few courses to build a strong skill set that includes Advance Excel, marketing, and supply chain management, which, according to the job description, fits well; hence, by applying these lessons, I can contribute my potential to the job.

Candidate 2: As you can already see, I have stated the course I have taken to build a strong skill set that includes advanced Excel, marketing, and supply chain management. Apart from that, I have been a part of the college’s core team, which led me to several opportunities to be a state leader- and national-level events and made me achieve a lot of experience as well as network. Hence, by applying these lessons as well as valuable extracts from my experience, I can contribute my potential to the project and perform up to your expectations.

Lack of Time Management

Time is one of the major indicators of the interviewee’s personality as well as their interest in the job. It does not only include arriving at the time but also how, during each of the answers, we are managing time by not compromising the quality of it.

No one wants to wait for an interviewee or listen to long answers; this is why time management is important. If you are ignoring it, it must cost you several rejections.

Lack of time management, apart from being a major reason why we were failing in interviews, can also let the interviewer think that:

  • The answers are scripted rather than sounding natural.
  • Low confidence

Being a People-Pleaser

Just like they say, too many NOs can sound like a wannabe boss. Similarly, too many yeses can create your impression as a people-pleaser or a personality not to take things seriously. 

This happens due to basic human psychology; hence, one should know where we should draw boundaries, where we should cross-question, and most importantly, where we should deny things. It also gives the impression of a good communicator, decision-maker, and rational thinker in the eyes of the interviewer.

This will not only make your interview successful but will also communicate the boundaries to the organization.

If you will agree every time the interviewer thinks that you’re:

  • A people-pleaser
  • Incapable of possessing opinions and communicating them properly.
  • A personality with a lack of presence of mind.

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Dragging Your Personal Life to the Chamber

One of the worst mistakes that a job interviewer can make is to merge professional as well as personal space on the desk. Mostly, this happens during answering questions about the career gap, why you left the previous job or questions like that.

This does not mean to give dishonest answers, but to have the presence of mind to balance them well so that they may sound less sympathetic and more honest.

However, these questions, along with honest justification, also want certainty about future awareness and productivity.

Not Expressing Gratitude

Not only the interview part but how one greets the interviewer before and after also plays a major role in the hiring process, as, apart from soft skills, personality also helps in fueling up our impression. Ignoring these tiny yet impactful factors can become the reason behind the failure of an interview.

Hence, it’s important to greet and showcase our gratitude for taking their valuable time out and having an interview with us.

Small efforts<<big impact

Not taking Feedback

There’s a reason why they say the real win is in taking feedback and improving over time. If you’re doing everything on your own and still not getting the job, and hearing crickets, then this is a sign that you need a mentor.

With proven strategies and techniques, your path to landing your dream job will accelerate.

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Wrapping Up…

So, these were the top 7 mistakes, which are the main reason why you were failing in interviews.

But not anymore, as you might be aware now of how even the smallest details are counted by companies.

Always remember, “Give your interview, as it is the last job in the universe!”

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