Common Interview Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

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“Don’t Let These Interview Mistakes Hold You Back from Your Goals”

Having professional growth means you will have to experience some of the daunting situations as well, especially when it comes to job interviews. Even those who are already wealthy or seem to have enough confidence can get off track when it comes to giving interviews. The stress, anxiety, and the tension is no joke. It’s all real! Every potential candidate who tries to appear for the interview has the pressure of clearing and securing himself or herself a good job.It’s essential to be aware of these common interview mistakes to avoid as you prepare for your next interview In that pressure, anyone can make a mistake and a single misstep can dismantle the entire fortress of the carefully presented career trajectory.

To help you prevent yourself from any such situation, here in this blog, we have given a complete checklist and the points which you can refer to in order to avoid common interview mistakes.

So, let’s get started!

Going Unprepared

Stay prepared before you appear for an interview. You might have all the skills to be the right candidate but if you have no knowledge of the company’s background, etc., then you are not fully prepared and you have not done your prior research. In order to learn about the company, for example, google search or you can also visit the company website. If not this, you can go to the professional platforms such as LinkedIn, and connect with the company employees to know more about it in detail. Find out what kind of business company deals in, understand the company better. Find out what was said about it in news, if so and so on.

Being too frank and friendly

While friendliness and humour are great medicines but these will not work in your favour here because it is all about the formal interaction. Anything you say in excitement or you think is fine may not be good for others. So, make sure, you avoid being too casual. Remember, your interviewer can become your manager, so you should always keep it professional.

Speaking negative

When you are asked about the reason of leaving the previous organization, then you must never speak bad about it. Always say good and positive things about it and you will see how it turns in your favour. After all, it is not any competition wherein you speak negative about the last employer, or any particular employee.

Make sure, you keep a straight face, stay focused and simply say that you believe that you have actually progressed in your life.

Dressing Inappropriate

Since it is a formal setup as already discussed, you must always dress in an appropriate way. Dressing professionally right will always leave a good impression and the goal is just to look tidy and professional. You should also pay attention to your nails, hair, makeup etc. Everything that you do on yourself should be decent and look fresh.

It is all about your first impression on the interviewer. While smart and casual might be becoming more of a trend, professional attire is still considered the most appropriate when it comes to interviews.

For instance, if you are applying for a creative role, you might also have some leeway in the way you dress based on your role. You might still as well wear a shirt and tie, but feel free to throw in stylish, coloured, funky frames etc.

Bad body language

Looking as if you are not interested will put a really bad impression. This should not happen at any cost. Whether you are feeling good or not feeling well, you should always make others feel that you are absolutely fine. Bad body language will make you feel really disinterested. 

Eye contact, a cheerful demeanour, , good posture, and a firm handshake will get you a long way.

Unclear, short answers

Take some time before answering any question. Do not jump on the conclusion immediately. Make sure you do not go off on tangents. Also, avoid speaking so fast or just murmuring. There should be no instance where the interviewer asks you to speak the answer again. So, make sure, you are clear and you are not mincing the words.

Not doing the tone right

Based on the company and the position you have applied for, the tone of language used here during the interview should be adjusted accordingly. Using overly casual language in a formal set-up or going vice-versa, can completely hamper the rapport and can also create a disconnect with the interviewer.

Showing zero enthusiasm

The lack of enthusiasm or showing extra of it can hamper the potential employers from hiring you. The key is to show genuine interest and at the same time maintain a balanced energy. Unnecessary enthusiasm can show fakeness. Also, genuine interest in the role, matched with a moderate level of excitement will show your potential as an enthusiastic yet serious employee.

Just bragging about yourself

There is no doubt that it is important to share your achievements and skills, making the interview completely about yourself can hamper your chances of getting hired. A good, balanced and a meaningful conversation that highlights both the past achievements and prospective value addition to the employer will create a long-lasting impression.

Playing with your phone

Our mobile phones no doubt have taken away all our attention but make sure you do not play with it while you are giving an interview. It will distract you from actual purpose and might also make you lose a chance to grab a good interview.

So, above are some of the most important points that one must keep in mind while giving the interviews. The mistakes can cost you all your hard work so make sure you take every single step with caution. You must also ensure that the mistakes are fewer because some can genuinely be avoided but not all. So, staying formal is the key but at the same time, also not loosing the track of who you are is vital.

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