Things You Should Never Include in Your Resume

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Crafting an Impressive Resume: Avoid These Common Mistakes

In order to get your desired job, a good resume would play a great role because if your resume is not well written, then it would put a bad first impression on your hiring manager which will end up in making you lose the great opportunity. This is the least you would want for yourself. Right!

So, to help you out in making the right and the best resume, we have written a blog. Herein, we will take you through the things that you must never write in your resume while applying for a job.

So, let’s get started!

First of all, never add anything that can create any controversy or can harm the interest of the hiring managers. Do not put anything that is unnecessary or any other controversial elements.

A Lot of Information

Giving everything in your resume is a good thing but the information that has nothing to do with you should not be mentioned at all costs. Always remember that interviewers may review hundreds of resumes on a daily basis, so staying concise is the key. It will help in earning better attention towards you and your work. Also make sure, you include only positions that are either relevant to the job you are about to apply for or that are necessary to show a certain length of employment experiences and background.

Texts Make It Happen

Besides adding less information, you might also need to organize it well so that it is easily readable. The information that is well-structured and is written in the manner that draws immediate attention of the hiring manager will be considered the best. If you write the information in the bullet points, then your key abilities will be highlighted in the more professional manner and it will invite more attention as well.

 Check Spellings and Grammar

If you are applying for different jobs at one time, then tailoring your resume to each of those demands and requirements is essential because it will put a great impression on those who will be hiring you. If there will be a lot of grammatical mistakes and spelling errors, then your chances of grabbing your dream job may stay unfulfilled. In order to be sure that the grammar and spellings are fine, you can ask someone from your friends, family or profession to read your resume once and see if there is no discrepancy in the entire resume. If not, you can also check it by using the free online grammar checking tools. This will also help you in keeping your resume fresh, error-free and good.

Never Lie in Your Resume

The Top among the things not to put on your resume are dishonest facts and statements. These can also be half-truths, or any misleading information. But all of these amount to the same thing. So, make sure you do not add anything that is not true related to you.

Unnecessary Personal Information

Your resume is a great platform to showcase your achievements that will also show what a great employee you actually are. So, it is suggested for you to stick to the information .

That is most relevant to you and your entire experience. Putting unnecessary information in your resume will only fill up the space and will reduce your chances of getting the job done.

Negative Comments About Any Company

When writing your resume, do not ever talk negative about any company you have worked for in the past. If you are unemployed and are looking for the job, then you should certainly not talk bad about any employee . You have worked for in your previous jobs.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the job for the first time . Then also you must not assume and write anything that you have heard or read. Stay positive and talk good things about the company you have earlier worked for. Highlight the great point like what all you have learnt in the past . How were you treated and what were your roles and responsibilities etc.

Do Not Exaggerate About Your Hobbies

A hiring manager reading through resumes would want to see some personal information on a resume. such as hobbies and interests apart from working. He or she might also want to know about your skills to manage work-life at the same time. The section of hobbies and interests on your resume is generally optional. The more professional experience you put on your resume, the less relevant your hobbies would be.

Key Takeaways

About Photographs: Keep the text on your resume plain.

Contact details:

Your employer will ask for your contact details as you proceed with your next steps in getting your job.

Unexceptional academic results and achievements:

Apart from the regular job stuff, you should also mention about the achievements you might have had over the period of time.

Company-specific jargon or vocabulary: Use terms that anyone can understand. Do not write the technical terms which others might not be able to understand.

Personal social media links: Just give details of the professional social media sites. Use First-person language: Write using ‘I,’ ‘We’ or ‘Me. It will give an impression that it is you only whose resume is being read by the hiring manager.


A well-written and well-structured resume will make it easy for the hiring manager to see what you could bring to the role . so it is advised for you to focus only on the areas where you can actually excel. Also use them to your advantage. It is a natural human behaviour to worry about leaving something out in your resume . You should avoid any such temptations to embellish your achievements. Stick to the areas where you can prove your skills, experiences, and accomplishments speak for themselves.

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