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Resume Achievements

One of the simplest and most effective resume strategies is to quantify your resume achievements with numbers and data . Simply mentioning about the achievements is not enough. Add numbers where ever possible to give a clear picture of what you have achieved. 

Many hiring managers prefer to see resumes with bulleted lists of achievements in the work experience section .Listing your greatest things that you achieve shows potential employers you can produce great outcomes for them because you’ve done it before. Whether you improved customer satisfaction rates or exceeded sales expectations, highlighting your accomplishments shows you value hard work and follow through on your commitments.

Resume achievement are the best way to sell yourself as a great candidate for a job. They show what you have done for past companies, and what you can do for the next one.

Eg: If you are from a sales background

Instead of saying:-
Managed customer calls
Say this:-
Managed over 50 customer calls per day with more than 40% conversion rate.

This will ensure that your resume stands out from the crowd.

  • Where should you put your resume achievements?

The placement of your resume achievements is almost as important as their quality. Whether included with a job description or listed in a distinct section, the location of an achievement can change its effectiveness. As you know how to write your resume , you have to listing resume achievements in your work History section .

That’s all for now on our guide to adding achievement on a resume, and we hope you add your own the next time you apply for a job.

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