Top 20 Hobbies & Interests to put in resume or CV

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“Hobbies & interests do not make their place in resume or CV.”Absolutely wrong!!!

Format of your hobbies & interests on your resume or CV can advantage you a lot more in the hiring process. These little things will show a bit of your personality to your hiring manager, and increase the chances of landing a job.

Some experts say, not every resume needs hobbies for the HR personnel and some say not every hobby belongs to the resume.

In this article, we will explain whether you should mention any hobbies or interests in your resume building, top 20 hobbies & interests that you should put in your resume building process for getting the job.

What is the actual difference between hobbies and interests?

People use these terms interchangeably but they are not the same in actuality. So, here we will give you some of the interests and hobbies that you can look up to regarding resume building to get the job of your desire.

Here is a Difference between Interest & Hobbies


  • This could be used as topics, ideas, some sort of subjects like Maths or English, things that fascinate you, or things that you want to learn more. Cooking skills, music seem to be example of interests.
  • Example, if you need to relocate to a new job, mention travelling as your interest, it will show that you seem to be a relevant candidate for the job as you enjoy travelling and exploring new places


  • This could be activities that the person engages in. Playing cricket, and visiting museums, seem to be hobbies.

When including hobbies and interests in your resume building, it’s necessary to choose ones that show your relevant skills or desirable qualities to potential employers.

We have collated some of the top 20 options to include on your resume or CV:


Mentioning “Writing” showcases your capability to communicate effectively and creatively to your peers.

Public Speaking

Mentioning “Public Speaking in your resume, portrays your confidence, persuasion skills, and ability to engage with the audience.


This thing will demonstrate your writing skills, your digital marketing knowledge, and your ability to engage with online community members.


This hobby will indicate your creativity levels, and minute details of capturing compelling visuals.


This thing will showcase your technical knowledge and problem-solving abilities in the matters related to your job.

Graphic Design

Highlights your creativity levels, visual skills, and proficiency with playing the software and tools.


It demonstrates your commitment level to the social causes, teamwork, and how to work in the community.


Mentioning “Sports” shows your competitive spirit and dedication toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


It shows your adaptability, cultural awareness, and how to navigate in new environments.


It shows your discipline, dedication, and how to work collaboratively as a team member.


It showcases your creativity and ability to follow instructions.


It portrays your commitment to the personal health, discipline, and time management skills.

DIY Projects

It highlights your problem-solving skills in the business matters, and your ability to work with tools.

Language Learning

It indicates your cultural sensitivity, and willingness to learn new things.


It showcases your intellectual curiosity, critical thinking levels, and capability to absorb, analyse and process information.


It demonstrates your patience, attention to minute details, and ability to take care for living things.

Social Media Management

It highlights your digital marketing skills, ad copywriting skills, and strategic thinking.

Playing an Instrument

It Indicates your discipline and dedication levels, and ability to focus on increasing a skill over time.


It showcases your ability to manage unnecessary stress, practice self-care, and maintain the well-being.

Creative Writing

It demonstrates your ability to think critically, share compelling stories, and engage with the audience.

Before you send your resume watch this video :

By tailoring all your hobbies and interests in your resume to match the requirements of the job you’re applying for, you can represent yourself as a well-crafted candidate with a magnitude of skills and wide range of desirable qualities. So, one must work on their hobbies and skills to set themselves apart from other candidates. After that, you can put them for resume building and show it to the employers to get the desired job.

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