Resume Tips – 10 Things to Avoid in Your Resume

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While making your resume, keep in mind that you should avoid committing these mistakes

In today’s competitive job market, employers receive approximately 250 job resume for every open position. Ninety-five percent of large organizations use software known as an applicant tracking system (ATS) to screen applications and eliminate the least qualified applicants. Some Resume Tips would be explained in this blog that what you should avoid while creating resume .

Think your resume is perfect and bulletproof ? Even the most experienced professionals still find themselves guilty of making resume mistakes .

1. Types and Grammatical Mistakes

Always make sure to double check your CV for any types or grammatical errors, as these reflect poorly on your attention to detail and professionalism. 

2. Irrelevant Information

Employers are looking for a concise resume tips that outlines your qualifications and also skills. as Any information that has no relevance to the job that you are applying for should be omitted. Your resume should be customised as per the job description and the job role you are applying for. Afterwards

3. Omitting Contact Information

Include accurate contact information in your CV, such as a professional email address, phone number, city, country and linkedin profile url. This will enable employers to contact you easily if you are shortlisted for a job. 

4. Inconsistency

Make sure to maintain a consistent format throughout your CV. Then You should use the same font, font size and layout throughout.

5. Unprofessional Language

Avoid using informal language in your CV as this will not reflect well on your professionalism.

6. Overly Long Sentences/Paragraphs

Avoid using long sentences and big paragraphs. Use bullet points where ever possible to make your CV more readable.

7. Unprofessional Email Address

Choosing email addresses like or will send a wrong impression to the recruiter and will lead to an immediate rejection.

8. Using Too Much Colour or Fancy Fonts

While personalisation is encouraged, too much of it can make a resume look unprofessional.

9. Using Generic Templates

Make sure that you customise your resume as per the job description . the job role that you are applying for. You cannot use one resume for all job applications that you make.After that or At last

10. Listing Unverifiable References

Do not list references that are not available upon request. The references should include their name, job title, organisation, email address, and phone number. 

Resume is the first step to landing your dream job. A recruiter and also a talent acquisition manager receives hundreds of resumes in a day and having your resume shortlisted requires a well defined strategy. While preparing your resume you must keep in mind that the resume first needs to satisfy the ATS before it reaches the hands of the prospective employer. Even a well qualified candidate might fail to get an interview call if his resume is not well crafted as per the job role he is applying for.

What to include in your resume

Now that you know what not to include in your resume, take a second look at your resume to make sure it includes all the right elements to effectively tell your story and market your qualifications and work experience

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