Interview Tip – What is your Salary Expectation?

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Find Ways to Answer the Salary Expectation

When you do a job, you sell your time to your employer. Your salary is the price for your time. Just like any other product, your time needs to be priced accurately so that you are not underpaid. Let’s discuss some of the salary expectation questions asked in interviews and few ways and tricks to answer them with ease. It is a very tricky interview question , when might make you freeze up in an interview . Learn how to tackle this interview questions .

◾️ Questions that you are likely to face:
-What is your expected CTC ?
-What are your Salary Expectations?

◾️If the question of expected CTC comes up, indicate a range that you are comfortable with, based on the salary research that you have conducted. Mentioning a Salary Range shows that you are open for negotiation and are not rigid about a particular figure.

◾️To be able to answer this question you need to conduct salary research before heading for the interview. You have to be well aware of your market worth and the salary that you deserve on the basis of your experience, skills and the job role that you are applying for.

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◾️Once you mention an expected CTC range, an interviewer may ask for the reasoning behind the numbers. You need to give a rational reasoning behind the Salary Range that you quote. Be prepared with an answer. You can use your qualifications, skill set, experience and previous salary as highlights to justify your expected CTC.

◾️Be realistic about your the salary range that you quote. Unreasonable demand of salary will land you nowhere.

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