Top 8 Common Mock Interview Questions to Crack Job Interview

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About Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are a wonderful way to get prepared for real job interviews. These mock interviews permit you to practice all the mock interview questions with answers, get feedback from the organizer, and improve your communication skills. If you are a fresher then this article will enhance your confidence by preparing for mock interview questions.

Here are the top 8 common mock interview questions that you can prepare for the interview:

Q. The first question in the list is “Tell me about yourself?”

Well, this is quite a simple question but some freshers feel very reluctant to answer this. At the onset of the interview, this question is often asked by the interviewer. So, it is really important to keep your answer concise and brief and it should be relevant to the job you’re applying for. Don’t beat about the bush in this answer.  Just speak your strengths and weaknesses which you have in your life and explain how they can help the organization for which you are applying to. Stay away from giving too much personal information.

Q. Why do you want to work for this organization?

Make sure you prepare for this common interview questions beforehand, otherwise, you will get in trouble. Basically, the interviewer wants to know about his company from your end. You need to speak about how your skills and experience will be fruitful for this organization. You can speak about the company details like ROI, job security, etc as well. How you can achieve the company’s goals and what is the motivational factor that is inspiring you to work in this organization. Don’t get nervous while answering this question.

Q.What are your greatest strengths?

This is the question that is giving an opportunity to highlight the essential skills and capabilities that make you a good fit for the job. So explain your strengths wisely that should be relevant to your role and how you used these strengths earlier in your life. Just be specific and up to the mark while answering this question. Don’t speak casual strengths which won’t make any difference to this company.

Q. What are your greatest weaknesses?

This question can be tricky for you to answer. You should be honest about your weaknesses, otherwise, the interviewer may ask contradictory questions in the further interview. But make sure you don’t give those weaknesses which will backfire you. Choose a weakness that is not necessary but you can work on it later on.

Q. Can you share an example of when you solved a problem? Examples of How to “Tell Me About Yourself” ?

This is the question that permits you to show your problem-solving skills. So speak and talk about this specifically and categorically.  It would be wise to choose an example from your past that is relevant for this job you’re applying for, and explain it properly how you recognized the problem, came up with a proper solution, and solved it.

Q. Can you share your experience when you worked as part of a team member?

As per this question, every interviewer always asks this question to the candidates in a job interview . Because every company runs with a team. Every employee is part of a team and an asset to the company. Basically, the interviewer wants to know about your team management skills. Explain this with a suitable example of how worked as a team member to achieve the common goal of the organization.

7. Why did you leave your last company?

For some candidates, this Interview questions can be difficult to answer. Well, some people may leave their jobs due to some personal issues, and there might be bad terms with peers or with an employer as well. So you need to answer this carefully. Just be honest and be specific but your attitude should be positive while answering this. You can share your skills and experience of your previous company that can be productive for this job.

Q. What are your salary expectations?

Every candidate loves to answer this but make sure you have to prove yourself while answering this. Don’t price yourself out of the job, but don’t undervalue yourself -that should be the approach to this question. For the safer side, you can research the salary range for the designation you’re applying for, and give that rough range that is aligned with your experience and skill set.

These are the mock interview questions with answers which can help you a lot while preparing for a mock interview and communication skills. So, practice them again and again to ace the next job interview.

Good Luck!!!

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