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How to Choose the Best Resume Format

First of all, let us know what is a fresher’s resume and what all it includes in resume format. All this will be discussed in this blog to make your journey a bit more comfortable.How to Choose the Best Resume Format .

Definition Of a Fresher Resume

Any resume of an individual who has passed out from the university or any college with no experience of working in an organization. The main aim of such a resume is to get a job as a beginner and depends on the assets of a candidate. It also focuses on the abilities and skills to make up for the lack of any job opportunity. Let’s see how can you write a fresher resume tip and what are the most important points to keep in mind for the same.

Steps To Write A Fresher Resume Format

The steps are as follows:

1. Go through the job Ad: You can also make notes of the keywords that are used in the job description. Also, make sure to uses these to highlight your skills in the fresh resume.

2. Give your contact information and email address: Your resume should also contain the following aspects such as your name, address, email id, and your contact number. Write these things on the top of the resume in the left side.

3. Write about your social media presence: You should also write about the professional social media accounts and your presence on them as a professional.Add links and give the description in the under section.

4. Give a short and crisp personal statement: This means that you must tell something about yourself in short. The personal statement should give a brief about who you are as an individual or as a professional. After that

5.Give your educational background: Mention about your education you have received. Talk about it in a table format like write about your college, or university, grades that you got etc. Talk about the awards and scholarships you have won during your studies etc.

6.Talk about the work experience, if any: Since you will be a fresher, you might not have any professional experience but to start with you can also talk about any working experience within your college. For example, if you have worked in any NGO, or NSS camp during your studies, write about them. After that write further interest and hobbies

7. Write about your interests and hobbies: Talk about the extra-curricular activities you indulge yourself into hobbies.

8. Show that you are open to learning new skills as well: Now days companies are looking for the employees who are willing to learn new skills and are a quick learner.

Fresher Resume Format Template

This resume template can prove to be a for you as a fresher:

( full name)

( residency address)

( professional email)

( personal contact number)

( social media account links)

Personal Statement

At first (A short statement about yourself)

Soft Skills

Hard Skills

Educational Qualifications

Give it in a table format

Work Experience, If any

(Company name)

(Duration of your work)

(Your designation in the company)

Hobbies and Interests

Other Languages

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Punjabi and any other

Resume Format For Experienced Holders

Experienced people are those who have already worked in a professional environment and might have already made a resume at first. For such candidates the sections may not differ in totality but will have some difference.

Sections Included in Resume format Are As Follows:

The Header

It will include your name, contact information, address, email ID, and other social media links etc.

Brief Profile Summary

Here, you will have to talk about yourself in 2-5 lines paragraph or give bullets.

Your Work Experience

Where have you worked, in which companies, at what position etc should be given in detail in this section. You can make it more attractive by giving it in the table format. Also, talk about your responsibilities and the duties you have had handled.

Professional and Soft Skills

Talk about your technical and non-technical i.e., soft skills.

Educational Qualifications

Mention about your highest qualification. Give examination name, subjects you have studied, college/university name, marks attained.

Additional Information for resume format

as I have said all things considered You can also talk about your personal interests, and extra certifications achieved .

Resume Format For Experienced Professionals


(Current Designation)

Contact Number

E-mail Id

Residential Address

Brief Profile Summary

Work experience

Company -Designation – year – role and responsibilities

Educational Qualifications

Technical Skills

Soft Skills

Other Certifications

Your Interests and Hobbies

Your Strengths


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