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Improve Your Interview with following Suggestions

◾️Don’t give ambiguous answers during an interview to avoid unnecessary follow-up interview questions. Ambiguity in your answers will force the interviewer to ask a follow-up question to get clarity.
For Example – The interviewer asks the candidate, “What is your biggest strength?”
and the candidate replies, “I am a great team player!” 
In this scenario, the candidate should be prepared for a follow-up interview questions that the interviewer might ask to verify the candidate’s answers.

Following up after a job interview helps convey your interest in and excitement about the job .

Follow-Up Question-

Interviewer asks the candidate, “What do you expect from your team members?”

Note: It is important that whatever you say in an interview is backed by facts and examples.

◾️Link your responses to something that you have said earlier.
If your answers are interlinked and are not contradictory to what you previously said during the interview, it is possible that you might not even face a follow up question. 

Interviewer asks a follow-up question 

– Reconfirm an attribute that you mentioned about yourself 
– To corroborate your statement that did not match with your previous statements 
– corroborate your statement during the interview that was contradictory with your resume
– Assess your level of confidence 

◾️Always make sure that you prepare yourself well before the follow-up interview questions . For this, you need to be well versed with your resume and the job description.
It is also recommended that you do a background study about the company on the company website and also understand the intricacies of the job role you are applying for. The interviewer might ask a follow-up question to check how well your skill-set hobbies and interest matches with the job description.
If you are well prepared, you will not sound shaky when the interviewer asks a follow-up interview questions.

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