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Have you ever considered that you are never alone while sending resumes to employers? Thousands of other applicants are likewise crossing their fingers before selecting “apply” at the same company as you. Even so, there are constantly fresh job opportunities out there that only need to be found and taken advantage of.

Small world, what people say but lack knowledge about the huge database and resources virtually, is where the real loophole exists.

However, a huge portion of employment depends on the persona, but knowing about the resources is what as crucial as handing over your letter to the postman.

While almost every job aspirant has been taught about ‘LinkedIn’ and ‘Internshala’, here are the other top 5 platforms where you can look for new job opportunities.

5 Platforms to Look for Job Opportunities


Along with 250+ million impressions, indeed is one of the most trusted platforms where you can seek your job.

With its narrow search option, it opens the gate for job seekers to find a suitable job as they can sort themselves from the crowd by filtering out their experience level, location preference, and job needs with great extension towards keywords.

This app is surely worth trying!


Not everyone knows about it, but those who know…are certainly on the right track. MediaBistro is a complete professional app to help seekers get their one-stop platform to find media opportunities. 

Right from client gig to getting your first job in journalism, it will never disappoint any media enthusiasts.

The plus point, this platform also offers courses to upskill the learners and get them hired.

Sounds compelling? Of course!


Having 25 million+ members and over 100 million resumes floating into, Nexxt is the finest and most trustworthy platform to put an end to your job searching process. 

This platform has proved its excellence as it stood as a guide to creating valuable connections, and hunting in-demand jobs with the unique concept of well-curated advice for careers from Nexxt’s members.

And the list doesn’t end here!

One of the most unique features of Nexxt is that also forwards its hand towards the companies to provide them solutions in real-time along with providing them preferable job openings and ideal candidate references.

Still thinking, how is it unknown to you? Well never too late!


Imagine a platform giving you all the tools so that you don’t have to open multiple tabs in your already 10-year-old system to have a portfolio or resume and the other tab finding your job.

As giving complete justice to its name, SimplyHired has proved its seamless user experience 1as it provides a solid resume builder and job openings in one place only.

Let your resume be more professional and your job hunt journey seamless.

Well found

If you are the one who is trying hard to get yourself job-secured at a suitable and serving start-up, then wellfound is eventually the best end stop for you. It wouldn’t be a lie if we call it a match-making platform for potential start-ups and job seekers.

Isn’t it amazing, to have a place completely devoted to start-up enthusiasts?

Well for me, it’s a 10/10.

So, these were the top 5 destinations to end your job hunt. 

But wait, there is more.

Here are 3 more proven ways you can find job opportunities:

3 Proven Ways to Find Jobs

A. Contact Companies Directly

The best part about this method of job search is that you don’t wait for an opportunity; instead, you create one for yourself.

Nowadays, companies have their websites or LinkedIn profiles showcasing different job roles, people working there, etc. You just need to see how you can be a fit for the role and now can directly connect with companies.

Pro tip: 

Instead of applying to a company’s portal, target the people who work there. They can be HR, a colleague, or anyone. Start with a conversation, talk to them about your search, and they will definitely let you know about the opportunity.

B. Leverage Social Media

Gone are the days when social media was just for fun. Now, you can attract the best jobs/companies to work for. 

You can either showcase your work online to build your identity, which will work as a portfolio, or you can directly reach out to companies through social media. 

A pro tip here is to make sure to go through their recent posts and scroll through their social media a bit to stay updated on what they are up to. This will give you an edge while pitching or talking to them.

C. Reaching Out to Recruitment Agencies

If you want to go the professional route, reaching out to recruitment agencies can be a great choice. 

But why choose them? 

Today, a large number of companies outsource their hiring tasks to these agencies to do all the research and match them with the right candidate. 

Secondly, after connecting every employer with the right candidate, recruiters get a specific commission, so they are always motivated to do this, which makes it a great way to land a job.

Wrapping Up…

With 5 overlooked platforms and 3 other ways, I guess we have made your work easy to find your job and kick start your career.

But before you reach out to anyone through any method, make sure your resume is updated with key skills, relevant education, experience, and keywords. Because without this, no amount of hacks, tips, or platforms will work. 

And if you want to build a professional resume, click here and we’ll help you out like we did for our 1000s of candidates.

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