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Types of Interview present you a golden chance to impress your hiring manager with your knowledge, skills, and personality. The hiring manager or the interviewee asks the potential candidate certain questions for a particular position. So, based on the type of job position and the recruitment process itself, companies use different types job of interview to select the right candidate for themselves.

In this blog, we will explore different types of interview that the potential candidate has to go throw during the process.

So, let’s see!

Panel Job Interview Types

In such an interview, you are asked queries from different people sitting in a panel. So, there are multiple interviewers. The panel can include different professionals such as HR, manager, third party member, or anyone from other discipline as well. Usually, in these panel interviews, a collective decision is taken by the panel to select the right candidate. For instance, the interview panel may contain professionals such as HR manager, team lead, or the project lead and even the subject matter expert.

Tips To Prepare For Panel Job Interview

  • In such types of interview, you are required to impress everyone present in the panel.
  • You must first of all greet everyone in the panel.
  • Make a firm eye contact or if possible, shake hands with everyone in a firm and confident way.
  • Answer everyone’s questions one by one and so not try to ignore anyone sitting in the panel.

Face-To-Face Interview Types

As the name itself says, such kind of job interview require the candidate to appear in front of the employer. You have to meet the person personally to discuss various credentials. The person taking the interview can be anyone like the employer, HR, manager, etc.

Tips To Prepare For Face-To-Face Job Interviews

  • Research in detail about the company and their work culture.
  • Try to read and understanding the company’s business model.
  • Know about the work ethics as well.
  • Keep in mind your body language because it will make a certain impact on your hiring manager. 

Group Types of Interview

As the name suggests, these are the Types of interviews where the companies interview a group of candidates in a single session. The companies use group interviews when they have to interview candidates in thousand numbers in a short span of time.  The interviewer can ask a single question to a number of candidates in a single shot. They access everyone’s answer based on that single question and select the candidate accordingly.

Tips To Prepare For Group Interviews

  • Look for ways and answers to stand out from others in a group.
  • Be alert and listen to everyone properly.
  • Give your opinion clearly and place your interests in a confident way.
  • Listen to all the group candidates carefully.
  • Do not try to override anyone but give equal respect to others and stay polite.
  • Your answers should show that you are a positive individual and you have all the capacity to solve issues.

Video Types of Interview

These are also face-to-face interviews but on a video call or a Skype. Companies conduct such interviews for the candidates who apply for the remote job opportunities. Since COVID happened, such interviews have become really prevalent. The best part is that you can attend such interviews using any device that has internet connection such as PC, laptop, or even mobile.

Tips To Prepare For Video Interview  

  • It is just like a regular, traditional types face-to-face interview. So, all you need a good body language and a right posture.  
  • Dress professionally which means you should wear clean and tidy clothes.
  • You must have a stable uninterrupted internet connection which has a super-fast speed.
  • Look for a space that is quiet and has a neutral backdrop.
  • Also organise your workstation properly before you come for an interview.  

Telephonic Types of Interview

In this interview, the companies use telephonic type of interview after face-to-face interviews are conducted. These interviews are often conducted either in the very beginning or as a final interview. When there are multiple rounds of interviews planned for a specific position and a candidate, then telephonic interviews are conducted so that the conversation stays intact in the very first round. 

Tips To Prepare For A Telephonic Types of Interview

  • You can prepare different notes.
  • It is advised to prepare it ahead of time because the notes will help you during the process.
  • Speak clearly and confidently because no one will be able to see your body language.

Structured Types of Interview

In such job interview, the interviewer asks the similar questions to all the candidates. Then the answers are compared to all other responses given. The questions can be of two types of interview such as open-end questions and close-end questions.

Tips To Prepare For Structured types of job Interview

  • Look for the common Interview questions and also think of the answers ahead of time. This will give you immense confidence.
  • Talk about the skills that you have. Also, tell them about your interests, and strengths and weaknesses .

Unstructured Types of Interview

As the name itself says, these are the interview in which the job Interview questions and answers can be changed as per the interviewer’s choice. Interview preparation is the most important thing for passing these types of interview . we also provide interview preparation course .

Tips To Prepare For Unstructured Types of Interview

  • Prepare for the common Interview questions related to your field.
  • Focus on understanding the logic behind them.

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