How to Negotiate your Notice Period ?

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Notice period in job is the time between the date of resignation and the last day of employment of an employee who resigns from a company. 

Time to negotiate your Notice period

You have been venturing for a new career opportunity and successfully managed to get the job offer, but they want you to join as soon as possible. But there’s one more obstacle to clear before you can start working for your new company- The Notice Period

Depending on your job role and level of work, the period can be anywhere from one to three months. This has you thinking how to begin negotiating your notice period for resignation.

You can use any of these options to get your period reduced, depending on the circumstances.

Option 1 :
You can yourself Buy out your Period as per your agreement. But, keep all communications in writing.

Option 2:
In case the candidate is skillful and experienced, the hiring company might be willing to Buy out the Notice Period.

How is this option practically executed ?

The candidate can offer the current organization to adjust the remaining days of the period from the full and final settlement. He can then show the breakup of figures to the new organization and they can reimburse it to him.

Option 3:
Talk to your manager and explain why this career move is important to you. There are high chances you might get an early exit. However, if this doesn’t work help your manager in finding your replacement.

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