How can job seekers prepare for unexpected questions in an interview?

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Expert tips for job seeker

When going for a job interview, one thing that you are mostly sure of is your own portfolio or the work you have done during your career trajectory and even your educational qualifications. Right! So, if you are a job seeker and reading this article, you will definitely refer and connect with it. But there is one thing, there are still some things that you are most of the time unsure of, such as the interview questions that would be asked from you. So, this is the time when you can get a bit anxious because you are most of the time unaware of the questions you will be asked. But do not worry because, here we will take you through the tips that you can follow to prepare yourself from the unexpected questions.

So, let’s get started!

In reality, oddball questions are a great opportunity to clear your job interview and present your unique personality and style of thinking. Let’s see some of the useful tips for dealing with the unexpected during an interview.

Relax and Breathe

Despite of focusing on the certain questions, your interviewer might ask some questions out of the blue. So, for that, you should prepare yourself beforehand and remember to take a deep breath and stay calm. When you stay relaxed, you are able to face the most difficult question as well. But when you are confused, you might also forget what you already know. So, it is important to feel relaxed and calm throughout.

Be Yourself ! Do not try to copy anyone

The whole idea and the purpose of an interview is to learn and understand more about you, your experience, your skillset, personality, and even your character. These things also you have to mention in your resume profile. Suppose, if a question catches you off-guard then remember you do not have to lose yourself to anything. Just take a deep breath, give yourself some minute time to think and then answer in an honest way. Do not try to be someone else you might have seen or heard because it would look fake and will not be acceptable by the interviewer. If this happens, it might seem that you are hiding something from the interviewer, so, it is better to be yourself.

Start the Conversation With An Unexpected Question Thrown At You

Suppose you are unable to decide what to say in the answer for a particular question, then the best way is to start from within the question itself. When you do this, you get some time to prepare for the rest of the answer. If you get stumped, you can also ask to start a new conversation or you can divert the interviewer smartly with another conversation that relates with the current one. Do not just go completely off track because that will look really bad and it will show that you are not good and confident enough. However, if you are able to incorporate the problem-solving experience, then it will be a win-win situation for you and your ability to handle the difficult and uncertain situations will be tested.

Take Your Time and Do not Rush

There is no need to rush to give the answer. All you need to do is just be calm and reply. It is suggested to reply by being slow in your tone and pause whenever you think you do not have the right answer. You can also add some prefix and suffix like ‘Great Question’, ‘Thanks for putting up this question’ and so on.

Talk About your thought process

When you begin to answer the questions, just also talk about what is your thought process regarding the same and also explain it a bit because it will help the interview go into your shows and understand where is it coming from. Voicing your thoughts and opinion is a great idea. It gives you the clarity on a lot of things and even the interviewer is able to understand your intentions behind the answer.

Many times interviewers ask tough and unexpected questions from the job seekers. So, voicing your own thoughts will give them some insight about the answer that would be coming up next .

Add Transition Words

Using transition words help you to think and take a tiny pause. The sentences and words such as ‘First of all, I would like to talk to this person,’ ‘After submitting the report, I shall do this,’ ‘My last step would be to wrap up a project includes this follow up,’ etc.   

You Can Pivot When You Do Not Have An Answer

Many times, it happens that you do not understand the vocabulary or any particular word of the interviewer.

you can even ask the interviewer to pardon ecause you might end up giving a wrong answer. This is the least you would want for yourself.

Your first step would be to seek clarification or the simple meaning for the question or the word used. If you are unable to answer, then the interviewer will understand that you have no idea of the entire concept. In this case, the interviewer might also change the question for you.

Be honest because honesty is the best policy. No one knows everything, and the hiring manager would also probably be aware of this. So, do not shy away from directly saying that you have no idea about something. This will never lose your chance of not grabbing a great job for job seeker . 

Reach Out To The Recruiting Experts

There is no doubt that the interviews are already an intimidating part of the job-hunting process for job seeker . So, when the unexpected comes your way, it can really throw you in a tight and a never-ending loop. Luckily, with some preparation, you can get ready for any challenge that comes your way.

A recruiter will prove to be a great partner for you .

As he/she will help you in preparing for the next interview process. Expert recruiters are very familiar with such questions that you might come across. They can also help you navigate the best ways to respond so you are able to walk into the interview feeling completely prepared.

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