Interviewing When Pregnant- Still a Topic of Discussion?

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Things that look simple sometimes have even more complications than we think.

Women interviewing when pregnant is one such topic.

In my conversations with female candidates, I’ve noticed the tough choice many face regarding pregnancy disclosure while job searching.

First, you should know that, legally, there’s no obligation to disclose under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA). 

Yet, concerns about potential bias and discrimination add complexity to this decision.

Pregnancy discrimination can subtly affect job opportunities and treatment upon return from leave.

But things are changing now for good.

One of the examples that have been glorifying this change is how human resources are embracing hiring pregnant women with the responsibility of treating them equally and getting the norms flexible for their comfort at the same time.

The situation has changed from “I don’t know if I should disclose it before signing the offer letter” to “I’m glad I disclosed it to my HR.”

The main reasons behind this evolution are:

  • Technology that brought comfort and performance
  • HR opting more for relationship management
  • A clear and sorted pattern of communication

However, despite the welcoming behavior of organizations, here are some details you deserve to know:

How are Women Dealing with This Fog of Disclosing Pregnancy?

However, despite the celebration of equality in the professional world, there is still a fear of rejection due to pregnancy grounds.

This is why many women around chose to keep the news closed until they signed the confirmation letter, and some women chose vice versa, as no legality or compulsion regarding it has been applied. (Neither there should be)

Well, both of these situations have their pros and cons that need to be disclosed for the sake of awareness and decision-making.

Reasons Why Women Chose to Hide Pregnancy When Interviewing 

Certain women opt for this path, as according to them, there are higher chances that HR may factor in the perspective of a less effective and efficient employee for them or they may reject the resume on grounds of the future possibility of affected productivity.

This mentality may also occur due to past experiences or maybe a lack of interaction and communication with HR.

Hence, they feel more comfortable signing the confirmation first and then disclosing the same.

Reasons Why Women Don’t Hide Pregnancy When Interviewing

Honesty being the policy they chose to follow, there are still several other reasons that women tend to inform HR about their pregnancy.

First of all, it is better to create a comfortable perception about the future situations in the mind of the employer so that their plans get matched to the upcoming health dynamics during their 9-month journey.

Also, disclosing details post-confirmation may draw a wrong impression to the employer and he/she may feel deceased.



However, because there are no written details about its compulsion, individuals have made the decision solely based on choice. Nevertheless, based on the experiences shared by women during these months, it is now advisable to ensure honest and transparent communication before receiving an offer letter.

Now below are some questions you need to ask your employer to get things in between more crystal clear:

a.What medical benefits can one avail of here?

b. Is STD (short-term disability) or maternity leave provided?

c.If one can claim such leaves, what will be the tenure?

d. What are your expectations from me?

On the other side, you should also be ready to provide clear answers to the following possible questions the HR can ask:

a. So, how you have planned to manage to balance your health and career?

b. Are you comfortable sharing your appointments for regular check-ups?

c. What are your plans for claiming maternity leave?

d. During your maternity leave, would you be comfortable if any remote urgency occurred for you?

Well, the above questions are provided to you based on the common expectations and past experiences of job aspirants, but along with these you should also be ready with/for:

  • Clear and transparent conversation
  • Medical reports and medication details
  • Discussing the contract in-depth
  • Communicating the boundaries clearly
  • Asking about the working option (if any; remote, WFH or WFO)

Hence, you have a complete guide to interview during pregnancy, so you can now build a mindmap before you attempt the interview.

Last but not least do not forget to trust your HR, it will be worth your journey.

Here is what women say about whether or not you should disclose your pregnancy during the interview.

“It’s all about the people. I was 5 months pregnant and told my potential manager I would have to take my leave a few months after hire. They hired me, and the team trained me like any other agent without asking me questions. They threw a shower for me and came to visit at the hospital. Upon my return, they nominated me for an award and then promoted me.. The Habitat Company ✌🏻

Being pregnant should have no impact on any decision besides the mom’s own decisions.”It shouldn’t be hidden, nor should it even have to be discussed. I’m shocked that this is still a discussion in this world.”

“I remember when they told me I wouldn’t get the promotion I worked so hard for because I was pregnant.” It left such an impact on me that I decided not to have a second child, in case my career suffers again. 🙁 I’ve regretted that decision a lot.

Your world is more than work and you are more than just your job. Companies, managers, and colleagues need to understand that. Fortunately, I am at such a workplace now.”

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