How to Crack a Marketing Interview?

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To all those who want to convert into successful marketers, this article is for you!

If you have been tired of rehearsing the perfect answer to the popular HR question “Sell me this pen.” 

But now when we have artificial intelligence evolving every day as well as the best copywriting techniques, merely practising the sample questions won’t land you a job but also awareness about the importance of soft skills, emotional intelligence as well as a better resume.

So, it takes a lot to crack the interview apart from a few interview questions. 

Let’s dig deeper into it and understand how you can ace your marketing interview. 

The Skills a Marketer Must Have :

Well, the fact that today the organization does not only seek education qualifications but also for relevant skills that can catch the deals smoothly. 

Here are the top 5 skills you need to become a great marketer :

A. Content Management

One must know that to be relevant in today’s industry demand we have to serve what is relevant today. And one of the most consumable things by the target audience today is ‘content’ . 

Right from social media’s endless reels to the best of books, content covers all types of books, hence today social media marketing (a part of digital marketing), is no less than a bull’s eyes one should target.

Today many organizations that are counted among the big ones are active on social media.

B. Communication Skills

“If you are a marketer, communication is your backbone.” One of the most important things to excel in your career is neither a master’s degree nor a 5-page experience until you don’t know about the basic skill of communicating the benefits of your services without ignoring the needs of your audience. 

One of the best quotes about the same is, “Communicate like the next time they put step to your shop, they search for you!”

For the same, you should work on, tone, language as well as pauses.

C. Creativity 

The best application of creativity is to use it in the presence of mind. 

“I need ideas.” a customer says. 

“Buy this pen sir, better you note them down!”, a marketer said.

Creativity isn’t inborn, it can be learned too. There is a lot of content inside the world web that can teach you the best practices to induce creativity within you.

D. Time Management 

One of the most basic habits cum skills to practice is to deal with time and to create a perfect reconciliation between the workload and constant practice for self-improvement. 

Along with marketing goals, it is also important to keep yourself fit in an ever-changing market.

E. Listening Skills 

Until and unless you won’t understand how to listen to people, your career won’t take flight. All the techniques from the highest qualified experts can fail if you cannot learn to bring a state of calmness and trust to the meeting so that your audience can convey their feelings to you.

Listening is such an under-discussed skill!

Awareness About Emotional Intelligence:

After talking about skills, it can be said that it is very important to understand and observe people, conditions as well as emotions to uplift our journey from a marketing aspirant to a real-time marketer.

Now, as a marketer, it is very important to know the value of infusing emotions into marketing campaigns.

For example for a career guiding company, you can invoke the emotion of fear in the audience or fear of missing out in the same way if a company sells physical products like furniture, then the focus must be on affordability as well as convenience to family members which makes it easy for the spender to take decisions.

Resume Confessing Your Personality:

A resume is no less than an address for a clueless person. It tells what you can serve to the seekers. However, the importance of a resume is not hidden from aspirants. But, here are some pointers to make your resume crisp and understandable.

A. Easy Formatted Resume 

Skip fancy and bright-colored resumes and Go for a simple one that an HR can understand (wants to understand) in one read. Make sure the data and white space align perfectly so that yours gets selected even if it is between the chaotic amount of resumes in HR’s desk.

B. Marketing Case Studies 

Doesn’t matter whether you are a fresher or experienced, if you know the destination then you must also get your lace tied to collect your case studies as well to make your resume sound better. You can go ahead with college events marketing or social media handling too.

C. Compelling Introduction 

Introduce yourself like no one can do this job better than you! Maybe that would be your first work as a marketer too in that company. Use power words like, ‘experienced’, ‘promising’, ‘passionate’, hardworking’ and create a robust introduction. Do not forget to research well about experts’ resumes or even their personal branding space to get better ideas.

D. Well Verified

Before applying and sending it to the companies make sure you verify the grammar and get a third person to review it. Also, make sure you read it aloud as an HR so that you may know the scope of improvement and work for it.

Add ons:

  • Testimonials 

If it’s possible, do not forget to ask your executives or colleagues to give testimonials for you. It brings more relevance to your resume and trust to HR.

  • Personal Brand 

No proof is better than showing them your social presence and how you are nurturing it as an opportunity to build your brand. You can do it on LinkedIn, Medium, Instagram or even through your website.

  • Body Language 

As a marketer the myth is you should know how to manipulate, but the truth is audience wants someone humble as well as understanding.Your confident, yet grounded, body language will convey this. Consider selling someone something they wouldn’t use; they might think it’s a waste of money and it will have a bad effect.

So, that’s all for the blog, hope it works well for you and soon you crack the marketing interview in your dream company.  

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