How to Communicate USP in an Interview?

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As soon as you apply for a job, a number pops up showing how many people have applied for USP interview or job, or when you enter the interview room and take out various resumes.

It becomes clear that competition will be a permanently until and unless you get a seat.

To end this hustle of more competition and fewer possibilities, you need to stop seeking around, but first, seek within yourself and find what is different in you.

How you can be an important asset to the company?

And when you find the answer, call it your USP!

USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition, so basically, you have to sell yourself and show your worth.

Your USP holds importance more than just settling you up; it can draw a certain amount of expectations for you and it can also provide you privilege when the company seeks new opportunities.

USP must be:

  • Relevant

Your USP must be relevant to the niche and department you want to work at. A USP related to marketing won’t work if you want to contribute to the company’s finances.

  • Well-communicated

How you communicate your USP also plays a major role. Sometimes, your USP provides them with something that they were not looking for, but they wanted it. 

Hence, it can be a plus point that can keep you apart from the crowd. Imagine, you tell them that I am a content writer, but I am also a qualified social media expert. This way they would take it as a leveraging offer, whereas you can enjoy an opportunity you were looking for.

  • Honest

Keeping your interest towards a particular job aside, you must bring an honest unique selling proposition that not only sounds practical but also later they might not doubt about it. If you set unrealistic expectations for HR, then it would bring obstacles to your corporate journey.

And you might face the loss of corporate impression, strong references and the colleague’s trust.

How to Communicate Your USP? 

Now that you have explored why incorporating USP in your interview session is important and what are the parameters to bring your USP in front of the HR manager.

It’s time to know how to communicate in our USP interview professionally.

Step 1: Find your USP

It is very important to know what skills and qualities you possess that not only resonate with the client’s needs but also fulfil their grounded wants. Make sure you have case studies to share about it, as experience is the most trusted portfolio to showcase your unique selling points.

Also, it is important to understand that your skills are not a USP but a way you can fulfil your task most uniquely and effectively. For example, if your skill is writing then your USP can be storytelling or visual generation.

Step 2: Personalize your unique quality

Once you are aware of what unique selling position you hold, then it is very important to personalize it according to the company, its vision, job description as well as your future goals.

For example, if you want to go interview for an email marketer position for a digital marketing agency and the agency wants to hire more clients. As well as your future goal is to excel in LinkedIn lead generation.

Then you can reflect yourself as a passionate sales funnel designer or lead generation enthusiast.

Step 3: Architect a crisp yet meaningful structure

No one would want to hear a story that lasts minutes and is still unclear. Hence it is important to squeeze the length of answers and bring a shorter and transparent USP to the platform.

This will make your USP Interview worth remembering and noticeable. Also, make sure that you describe your USP in fewer words as transparently as possible.

Also, if you want to resonate more with the company then do not forget to share any case study or related experience that can boost the chance of selecting you.

Step 4: Keep practising

However, a Unique selling proposition can help you to land your dream job, but still, if you cannot keep it relevant through your performance then no one can help you .

Hence, it is important to keep the first impression alive so that no opportunity and appraisals can slip from your hands.

Also, song with practising regularly it is important to update yourself with the recent changes, trends as well as algorithms. So that your work and USP stay evergreen.

Final Thoughts… 

As with the increasing competition, market branches are squeezed and have become suffocating in terms of hiring new employees. To settle in this midway situation, it is important to be aware of your won worth and USP, i.e. unique selling propositions.

A major group of job seekers find it bothering to keep up with their interview commitments because they set unrealistic expectations when bringing up their name on the hiring list of USP interview.

Despite fancy USPs stated, nothing can work much if it’s not honest, well-scripted as a relevant to the job position.

This is why USP reflection is important. 

But one thing that needs to be taken care of that over-commitment can lodge your brain with pressure .

Hence always opt for a reconciliation between promises and commitment.

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