6 Email Etiquettes No One Should Ignore

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To be honest, in the professional world, details matter ! So let’s dive into the discussion together to know what email etiquettes  they have missed out on. And how smaller steps towards email etiquette make a huge impact.

From the way you carry yourself to the punctuation, you forgot to put it while building up replies. It is all counted. These details matter equally to them as our answers in the final round.

Hence, it is now inevitable to recheck every detail you cater for your interview selection. Yes, let your eyes be binoculars.

Coming to the point, the whole matter of a sincere approach and rechecking each and every step was discussed to let you know that most of the mistakes that land the aspirants in a tough spot are made in emails.

Work on Your Email Address

It’s all right to opt for the funniest username or email address until and unless you do not have any plans for a career or job. 


But once you decide or start applying, the very first thing to ensure is that your email address sounds decent and normal to everyone.


If you have an email address that does not convey your full name, it might create a bad impression on the receiver’s mind.

:- Replace your ‘cutiejenny@gmail.com’ with ‘jenny.louise@gmail.com’.

:- Correct your username too, in the same way.


Treat Email as an Email Rather than MCQ

The heading might sound funny to you. But it happens a lot, especially when the candidates are not aware of who is behind the screen, specifically gender and marital status. 

Due to this, they use ‘Dear sir/ madam’ or ‘Miss/ Mrs. xyz’, which makes the mail too compelling to get ignored.

Rather than using ‘Dear sir/ madam’ you can simply use ‘greetings’, whereas instead of ‘Miss or Mrs.’ you can put ‘Ms. xyz’. This way you can bring their attention to the main point instead of cringing about these mistakes.

Do Not Use Whatsapp Abbreviations

Many times, interviewers or human resources feel disgusted with the fact that many aspirants do not use proper spellings; rather they go for the abbreviations as they use them casually. 

This will not only create a bad impression on them but you can also lose a golden opportunity from your hand. Hence rather than using sentences like ‘Sir, i m also intrsted, plz reply’, one should acknowledge the depth of the situation and frame sentences like wise. 

The replies must not be too direct to sound like a command. Also, it would be great if you could use affirmative words where necessary.

For example, “I am extremely excited about the opportunity, hoping to get a positive response.” 

Re-read your Email Twice

It does not matter how familiar you are with the above facts until and unless you do not follow the habit of proofreading. Skipping proofreading might sound normal but it has the potential to get your all efforts in vain. And you might lose those opportunities you are working hard for.

For this, you must also have extensions like Grammarly or Scribr accessible to your Chrome, to get suggestions every time you make a spelling or other grammatical mistake. 

This way you will be able to save time as well as you will remember the mistakes, once made.

Many writers and experts have said that where writing is an art, pen is a weapon, and proofreading comes as a shield.

Name your Attachments and Trim the Links

Another common mistake that job seekers make is that they do not rename the PDF that is to be attached and send it with their default name. It is important to perform each and every task by putting your feet in the employer’s shoes too. 

Imagine getting multiple files by multiple email addresses and none of them is arranged with proper names. 

Will you be able to shortlist some of them or remember what file it was to get access to the information?

Of course, it would be so frustrating.

Then why dig a hole for ourselves and lose an opportunity you are working hard for?

Final Thoughts

Being well aware of important and unignorable email etiquette is always a plus point. But if you don’t, then it is important to be aware of it. Email mistakes can put you in serious loss by leaving a bad and insincere impression on your employers.

Hence it is important to know basic email etiquette and the importance of proofreading. So that you do not leave any space of doubt for the employers. 

For the same, as mentioned, you can also opt for tools like Grammarly, to put a hold on your grammatical errors.

Finally, get each sentence double-checked and get the opportunity that you deserve

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